Masonic Foundation and Elucidate Launch New Maths Textbook

Elucidate staff team holding textbooks

A connection at the WA Young Achiever Awards has led to a partnership between Masonic Foundation and ThrivED, now known as Elucidate. The Foundation has generously funded the publication of Elucidate’s grassroots mathematics textbook, “Maths Methods Unit 3”, tailored specifically for Western Australian Year 12 students.

The Elucidate team celebrated the release of “Maths Methods Unit 3” with an unboxing party at Kings Park earlier this month. The atmosphere was electric as each member eagerly unveiled the fruit of their hard work. Chairman Daniel Ganon attended on behalf of Masonic Foundation, expressing his admiration and support for the team’s dedication and vision. The Foundation is graciously acknowledged with dedication in the opening pages of the textbook.

From Awards to Education

The journey began with the MCWA-sponsored WA Young Achiever Awards, an initiative we have proudly supported for five consecutive years. It was at this event that MCWA and Elucidate first connected, sharing a mutual passion for community development. Jack Anderson, the deserving winner was recognised for his impactful work in starting the organisation ThrivED.

Jack Anderson WA Community Service Award winner gives acceptance speech.
Jack Anderson accepting the 2022 WA Young Achiever Award

Elucidate, a team of dedicated university-aged volunteers, is now on a mission to revolutionise the education resource system in Australia. Their commitment to providing quality educational materials is evident in their approach, ensuring that the content is relevant, engaging, and tailored to the needs of local students. Their unique and altruistic business model; the sale of two Elucidate textbooks ensures a third is donated to a lower socio-economic school, provides those students with the same contemporary and high-quality resources while narrowing the gap in equal access to education around Australia.

Building Better Communities

Masonic Foundation has a long-standing tradition of supporting WA charities and recognises the importance of education in building stronger, more resilient communities. Their commitment to this cause is evident in their decision to fund the publication of Elucidate’s next textbook, “Maths Methods Unit 4”. As MCWA continues to sponsor initiatives like the WA Young Achiever Awards, it is clear that their impact extends far beyond the event itself. By fostering connections and supporting projects like Elucidate’s, MCWA helps play a pivotal role in shaping the future of education in Western Australia.

Watch the YouTube video to learn more about Elucidate’s mission and vision.

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