Middle Swan achieves Accreditation Milestone

A group of staff from Middle Swan Residential Care holding the facility's Certificate of Accreditation

We’re thrilled to share a monumental achievement in Middle Swan Residential Care’s journey: securing our first accreditation in under six months of operation since opening in August 2023!

This accreditation is more than a certificate; it’s a recognition of our adherence to the rigorous Aged Care Quality Standards and our commitment to providing outstanding care to our residents. Our accreditation process, from self-assessment to approval, reflects the Middle Swan team’s dedication to excellence at every level.

What is Accreditation in Aged Care?

Accreditation is a rigorous assessment process that aged care facilities undergo to ensure they meet high standards of care and operation set by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission. It’s a mark of quality that indicates a facility’s commitment to excellence in providing safe, respectful, and dignified care for its residents. For potential residents, choosing an accredited facility like Middle Swan Residential Care means peace of mind, knowing you are selecting a home that adheres to strict guidelines designed to ensure the best possible care and living conditions.

For those interested in learning more about the accreditation process and its significance for older Australians, we encourage you to visit the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission’s dedicated page. Here, you’ll find detailed information that can help you understand how accreditation ensures the quality and safety of aged care services. To explore further, please click here

Exceptional Aged Care in Middle Swan

Middle Swan Residential Care is a modern 120-bed residential care home offering exceptional care and accommodation, tailored to individual needs. It provides 24/7 nursing care, suites for couples, and spacious living areas, emphasising comfort for its residents. Located in Middle Swan, the facility is close to Whiteman Park and the Swan Valley wine region, and ensures a blend of comfort and elegance for older Western Australians.

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